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Microbeads are tiny spherical balls or beads made of polystyrene, a styrofoam-like substance. The unique properties of microbeads allow them to compress under pressure and then retain their original size and support when released. The minute size of the millions of microbeads lends to the overall comfort and performance of microbead pillows. The tiny beads can adapt to your desired position to provide support and stability to any body part you desire. Microbead pillows are designed for comfort and durability.

Microbead pillows offer several advantages over conventional pillows. Microbeads have the unique ability to move past one another easily to provide airflow and a consistent support surface for the user. Microbeads will not compress or bunch like conventional pillows, and the spandex nylon cover assures the user of long lasting comfort. The microbeads ability to provide airflow combined with the breathable spandex/nylon cover allows the pillow to stay cool even when used for long periods of time.

Microbeads are hypoallergenic , which means they have a decreased tendency to provoke an allergenic reaction. Many people can have reactions to materials found in other pillows such as down or buckwheat. Because they are tiny balls, they have the ability to move past one another easily, facilitating superb airflow, which helps with keeping cool and preventing allergens from appearing and spreading. This provides Microbead Pillows with a distinct advantage over other products in the comfort and support pillow arena.

Orthobean microbead pillows are a more versatile option than standard pillows. The variety of sizes and shapes available allows Orthobean to provide you comfort, support, and relief no matter where you are or where you are heading.