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Let Orthobean add comfort to your lifestyle!

In your home, traveling, or anyplace where you want to enhance your comfort level! Daily activities, travel, even relaxation at home can be accompanied by tension, muscle fatigue, or even a stiff back. With Orthobean pillows you can enjoy microbead support, comfort, and relaxation anywhere.


Orthobean Home ComfortOrthobean Home Comfort: Whether it's in your bedroom, TV room, or your children's room the variety of Orthobean pillow styles can make your everyday life at home a more comfortable one! Make your TV room the most comfortable room in the house; with Orthobean pillows it will be the destination of your family for hours of fun, comfort, and quality time. Need an extra pillow in the bedroom for comfort and support? Orthobean can fulfill your need. Orthobean is a great option for dorm rooms and college housing, offering the durability and flexibility of use to fill any student needs.


TravelOrthobean Travel Comfort: Take Orthobean with you when you travel for a whole new level of comfort. Unlike those travel neck pillows, the Orthobean designed pillows offer unlimited versatility for any part of your body. Legs, arms, lower back, shoulders, or your neck can be supported with Orthobean. Don't limit yourself by the pillow you choose. Orthobean provides total body comfort anywhere you choose. Leave an Orthobean in your car or carry one on to the plane, your comfort now knows no limits!


Orthobean Anyplace ComfortOrthobean Anyplace Comfort: Take an Orthobean with you anyplace your active life brings you. Make those hard bleachers at the game easier to take. Enjoy that play or show without being bothered by those "one size fits all" seats. Leave Orthobean on your boat or camper and enjoy hours of sunbathing comfort. Anyplace you go, Orthobean can go there with you to enhance your comfort and make your everyday life better.



Microbeads made with recycled materialsModern microbeads are commonly made from recylcled materials, which, combined with the comfort and growing popularity of microbead pillows, provide a practical and comfortable way to live a more "green" lifestyle.