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"My husband recently had a serious accident. Our Orthobean pillow was exceptionally helpful to him as we travelled to and from doctors appointments at the hospital. It was also very effective during his recovery in the rehabilitation hospital as a support for his elbow and wrist. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who needs relief from the weight of a cast or brace."
- Amy Tripp

"Innovative and Effective Limb Comfort."
- Dr. Kathy O'Keefe,
Saints Medical Center

Our Guarantee: If your Orthobean Microbead pillow doesn't make you more comfortable when traveling, supporting, relaxing, or recovering, just ask for your money back within 30 days and receive a full refund.

Orthobean Comfort

Orthobean Ring Pillow
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Relief for seniors to feel their best…

Comfort for families at home or in the car…

Relaxing for students in the dorm or apartment!

Orthobean Support

Orthobean Curve Pillow
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Provide unsurpassed support and stability…

Plush 85% Nylon/15% spandex cover stays cool…

Enhance ergonomics and relieve pressure point pain!

Orthobean Relief

Orthobean Bow Pillow
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The perfect "post-procedure" gift of relief for those you love…

Gently Off-Weight limbs in casts or braces…

Help reduce bedsores and hotspots for those mobility restricted!

Orthobean Care-Gift

Orthobean Body Pillow
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Great "Get Well" gift for those recovering from surgery…

For expectant moms to find that comfortable position that can be so elusive…

Help heal before, during, and after physical therapy programs!

Welcome to Orthobean Microbead Pillows

At Orthobean, we have taken microbead pillows to the next level of comfort and versatility. Orthobean Microbead pillows offer support and stability through a unique combination of the nylon/spandex shell holding millions of silky smooth microbeads inside. Unlike traditional pillows which can bunch or shrink, microbead pillows gently conform to any position or angle to offer unsurpassed comfort which can relieve pain and pressure points. Orthobean research and development helped specify four different and highly versatile shapes that can enhance ergonomic comfort, support and relief. If you are seeking the perfect travel pillow, back support pillow, post procedure pillow, body pillow or simply a pillow to get comfortable with at home Orthobean has the solution.

Orthobean is not only the choice for everyday comfort and relaxation but also for post procedure recovery and therapy. Use Orthobean immediately after an operation for limb elevation, sling comfort or stabilization. For longer term recovery select the size and shape that can aid in wheelchair side support, bed support and skin protection for pressure points. And when working your way back to health use Orthobean as a therapy positioner.

With four distinct sizes and shapes Orthobean has the answer for you. The Curve is often used as a neck support pillow due to its size and shape. The Bow can aid in back support and ergonomic comfort. The Ring can provide relief on the road for those seeking a travel pillow and the Bodybean is a full size body pillow great for expectant mothers. With Orthobean any style you choose can help you find the relief you are looking for. Each Orthobean style can offer support, stabilization, off-weighting, or post procedure comfort you seek. It's the the perfect gift to those who may be recovering from surgery, are expecting or would just like to relieve pain and add a little more comfort in their life. With Orthobean pillows you can enjoy microbead support, comfort and relaxation anywhere you like. For comfort, support and relief...Orthobean is the answer!



Orthobean: The Better Bean Pillow for comfort, orthopedics, surgery recovery and limb support

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