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Othobean microbead pillows are a great choice for Moms and also as a Care Gift for those recovering from health events that may be confined to a bed or wheel chair.

Orthobean for Care Gifting and MomsExpectant and new mothers have embraced the Orthobean BodyBean as a source of comfort. In the latter stages of pregnancy keeping comfortable can be a challenge. Many women used to sleeping on the stomachs use the Orthobean BodyBean to keep comfortable when they can no longer sleep in that position. Others use it to comfort their legs when sleeping on their side. And still more "Moms-To-Be" find different ways every day to gain comfort from Orthobean in their everyday activities around the house, in the workplace, and on the go.

New mothers use Orthobean to enhance their comfort during recovery. The diverse Orthobean line of products provides limitless ways for moms to get comfortable in or out of bed. Regular pillows can only do so much, limited by their size and restricted contour options. Orthobean microbead pillows can support any body part, stay cool in contact with the body, and offer unparalleled comfort thanks to millions of slippery microbeads forming to the shape of the body. Many new moms also use Orthobean to support their newborn while nursing or feeding to make that special bond between mother and baby even more comfortable and enjoyable.

For those recovering from surgery, Orthobean can provide support, stability, and comfort to the affected limb or body part. Rather than trying to make blankets or pillows serve a purpose they are not designed for, give the gift of Orthobean to bring maximum comfort to those you Care Gift. Recovery can be a time of uncertainty and discomfort. Orthobean can not only bring comfort to your loved one in the form of a pillow, but can play a role in recovery as a support surface wherever the patient may need it. Microbead pillows have also been shown to play a role in decreasing the incidence of bedsores (pressure ulcers) for patients with limited mobility for longer periods of time.