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Orthobean was a product born of necessity.

After a gruesome lawn mower injury, Jimmy was finally on the mend. Thanks to two surgeries the doctors had saved all of his toes and he would regain full use of his foot with no restrictions.

However, along with the post surgery discomfort that was to be expected, there was further discomfort associated with his foot stabilization and immobilization. The halo type brace on his foot was heavy and created a pressure point on his heel that was becoming problematic.

The dedicated staff at the hospital tried several different items under his leg to stabilize and relieve pressure. The blankets didn't create enough of a cushion and his leg and foot would roll off to one side or the other. Pillows would stabilize the leg but would cause the leg to overheat and become uncomfortable. Silicone enhancement packages were even tried as a support surface but did not achieve the goals of comfort, support, and relief.

Prior to leaving for the hospital one morning his father walked by his room and a small toy pillow caught his father's eye. It was a small pillow in the shape of a soft drink can that had been in Jimmy's room for years. The pillow was soft and formed to whatever was placed upon it. Why not bring it in to the hospital and see if it could help?

The pillow worked wonders for Jimmy. It provided enough support to raise his heel off the bed. His lower leg sank gently into the pillow and offered the lateral support necessary. And his leg stayed cool thanks to the pillow filling and fabric.

And so began the process of consultation with medical professionals, physical therapists, and consumers. Exhaustive research, countless designs, and feedback from our research consultants yielded the Orthobean family of products.

Products to help you live your active life with more comfort everyday

Products to help support your body wherever it is needed

Products to bring relief where and when you need it most

Orthobean: Comfort, Support, Relief